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I am a dental professional seeking employment

Health Care Crew Agency

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Professional Staffing

We have over 25 years experience in the dental field and over 10 years in the dental recruitment and placement industry. Healthcare Crew Agency has a unique understanding of the needs in the dental office.

Our staff is trained with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your search for the right employee.

We strive to provide you with the highest quality candidates and service.

I am very happy to have been introduced to Healthcare Crew Agency. They took the time to listen to my needs and did a fantastic job executing them. They have an effective and highly innovative communication method, which makes communicating with them clear and simple. The company’s background, knowledge, respect and promptness made the entire process relaxed.

It has been a pleasure to work with Healthcare Crew Agency; they are very knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Almonte
Dentist, New York, NY

The Benefits of Using a Dental Temp Agency

Temp agencies (also called temporary agencies or staffing agencies) provide a service that is beneficial for both employers and employees.

Employees can go to a temp agency and generally find a job within a short period of time. It is also a possible way of getting a foot in the door for a full time position.

Employers can get a position filled temporarily so the work is getting done while they search for a permanent employee.

We are here for your staffing needs 7 days a week!

I had a wonderful experience using Healthcare Crew Agency. They were extremely helpful with sending over the right person to temp for the day, even though it was last minute.

Very professional and efficient! I would recommend them to any other office that is in need of a temp.

Giselle Vargas
Office Manager, Riverdale Family Dental

Health Care Crew Agency

Edith Espinal, founder and director of Healthcare Crew Agency, has first-hand experience in the field of dentistry and knows the specific needs of running a successful dentist office. She started her career in the dental field in 1992 working the front desk for a small dental practice and then promoted to dental assistant, which gave her the opportunity to really see and understand dentistry, observing how each patient reacted differently and noticed their fears and anxiety, learning how to make them comfortable and alleviating stress.

In 2007 Ms. Espinal became the Dental Director of a very busy dental practice. She was directing three businesses at the time, as well as heading the Human Resource Department. Since then, she continues to do what she does best…meeting new candidates, learning about their qualifications and skills and placing them in positions that are mutually beneficial to the employer and employee.

What is most rewarding in the dental field is to see someone smile.

Edith Espinal

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